The Pre-Order Club 

How does it work?

Items marked Pre-Order and in the Pre-Order Club have a longer estimated shipping time as we do not carry local inventory for these items.  However, we still follow the same procurement QA process and is covered by our return and warranty policies.

Our pre-orders are executed on a monthly basis on the first week of every month, therefore, customers usually receive their order around 3-4 weeks after the order has been made.  Payment must be completed by the end of the first week in order for shipping times to be satisfied.

Sample Calendar:

PreOrder Sample Calendar.png



Simply click on a product in our Pre-Order Store, review details and contact us if you have any questions.  Once you are comfortable, make a payment and we will send you an email confirmation with details.


Feel free to contact us if you are interested in making an expedited order, we will always work with you to ensure satisfaction.

When will the item arrive?

Although shipping times may vary during this pandemic, our estimated time is about 4-5 weeks based on our experience. 

All orders must be completed by the first week of the month in order to satisfy the 4-5 week shipping time.


Can I return Pre-Order items?

There is a 5% handling fee when returning non-defective bulk and/or overweight items. 


Items must be in it's original condition.

Customers can drop off the item in person or pay to have it shipped.

Please see our store policy page additional details.


What is considered overweight or bulky?

Items over 1 meter in length, width or depth would be considered bulky.

Items over 20kg would be considered overweight.

We use standard shipping and handling definitions for these terms


What is the warranty policy for pre-order items?

All pre-order items are covered by our standard 1 year component warranty.

Please see our store policy page additional details.